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Why You Should Upgrade To A Seamless Guttering System

27 July 2020

Guttering: An Important Aspect To Your Home

Gutters are often a part of your exterior home that often gets overlooked. While you may think your gutters don’t do much, they actually play a big role in the health of your home. It is very easy to forget to check to see if your gutters are properly working. Replacing underperforming gutters isn’t a project you should put off because if you do, your home could incur costly damages to your landscaping, siding, and foundation. When looking at installing new gutters, seamless gutters are a worthwhile investment to consider.


Open style gutters are more prone to damage to your home down the road. They can easily catch leaves and debris clogging them up not allowing rainwater to flow freely.

Step 1: Evaluate Your Gutters

While the gutters on your home aren’t necessarily related to the appearance of your home, it is easy to forget what the gutters on your home actually do. It is important to evaluate your gutters at least a couple of times a year. Do you notice any leaks? Are you having to frequently clear out leaves and debris? Are they starting to pull away from your home? If your answer was yes to any of these questions, then it is time to invest in new gutters. If you don’t address your gutter issues in a timely manner, you could be risking a great amount of damage to your home.



Signs that you need new gutters are sagging or separated gutters, peeling paint, eroded landscaping and flooded basements, and the gutter pulling away from the roof.

Step 2: Invest In A Seamless Guttering System

Investing in a seamless guttering system is the way to go if you want to never have to worry about cleaning out your gutters again. They are seamless in the sense that they don’t feature the joints you would typically find in a standard gutter system. The joints are where problems occur. With fewer joints to worry about, you can expect the best performance for many years to come. Here at LeafGuard® of Oklahoma, we offer LeafGuard® Gutters. This guttering system is made from heavy-duty aluminum. A one-piece gutter system that has a curved hood while allows only water into the trough so that it can be swiftly carried away from your home. The curved cover blocks falling debris from creating clogs within the system so you can put that ladder away forever.



Protect siding, trim and foundation from water damage with LeafGuard® gutters.
LeafGuard® Gutters stand out for their seamless construction that maximizes the aesthetic appeal of your gutters, oversized downspouts that increase the amount of rainfall your gutters can handle, a broad selection of color options to choose that will complement the look of your home, and a ScratchGuard® paint finish that’s not guaranteed not to chip, crack, or peel.

Step 3: Call LeafGuard® of Oklahoma

If you are feeling uncertain about climbing up on a ladder to evaluate your gutters or tired of constantly having to clean leaves and debris out; then you need to call LeafGuard® of Oklahoma. We will gladly come out to your Oklahoma home to provide you with an evaluation. We are proud to be the exclusive source for LeafGuard® Gutters in the state of Oklahoma and would love to explain how you can benefit from the best gutter system on the market.


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We are proud to have served over thousands of happy Oklahomans with our maintenance-free LeafGuard® gutters. Our staff of hard-working and professional employees, make customer service our top priority.