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Why Are My Gutters Leaking?

02 March 2018

A wide range of sources can cause gutter leaking.

Are your gutters leaking and you don’t know why? Gutter leaks could stem from a variety of sources, such as incorrect installation and clogs. Regular gutter maintenance is key in avoiding problems like leaks so you don’t end up with costly repairs or even full replacement down the road. That said, even the most rigorous cleanings every season can’t guard against every cause of leaks.

Here are some common causes of gutter leaks and what you can do about them:

Gutter leaks could stem from a variety of sources, such as incorrect installation and clogs.

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Debris such as dirt, twigs, leaves, acorns and even birds’ nests can become lodged in your gutters and clog up the flow of water. When water can’t pass through, this can lead to a backup, overflow and damage that can cause leaks. The obvious way to avoid this is to keep your gutters free from debris by cleaning them out regularly. Your gutters might need to be cleaned once a season or several times a season, depending on your climate and immediate landscape. For example, if you have trees overhanging the home that drop leaves, sticks and pine needles into the gutters, you’ll have to do this task more often.

Sometimes clogs are out of your control no matter how clean you keep your gutters. Your kids may throw a ball up there that gets lodged, leading to damage that causes leaks, for example. Check often for these obstructions and get them out as soon as possible.


If your gutters were installed by a professional who took a few shortcuts or you attempted to install the gutters yourself, you could be faced with a higher risk for some pretty major leaks. Here is a good example of how shoddy workmanship can save you money in the short run but cost lots more in the long run.

A common consequence of a choice like this includes improper sloping, which leads to pooling water at the spouts’ corners. Having a professional install your gutters in the first place will avoid this headache later.


Gutters can become dislodged as the result of any number of causes, such as forceful winds, downed trees, fascia warping and more. These pressures can actually pull the gutters away from the home, weakening the fasteners and nails. Take the time each season to inspect your gutters and their attachments, making any adjustments to tighten them if needed. If you’re not sure you can get up to your gutters’ level safely on your own, don’t hesitate to call a professional to come perform the inspection for you.


The gutters you install can also have a lot to do with leaks, as sub-par products can corrode and rust out over time. If you have gutters with several joints, leaks can form at seams and end caps where water can get trapped. Using seamless gutters backed by a lifetime warranty, like the one we offer, is a tidy way to avoid the issue. This type of system cuts down on the possibility for leaks because there are no seams where they can start in the first place.

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