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What Hail Damage Can Do To Your Oklahoma Home

24 April 2020

Steps You Can Take To Identify Hail Damage

Hail storms have been hitting Oklahoma lately. If you haven’t had a chance to survey your home for hail damage, don’t waste any more time. Unsure if your home experienced hail damage? We have created a list of signs to look for on your roof and gutters. If you don’t feel comfortable or want someone who is a specialized storm damage expert to evaluate your home, LeafGuard® of Oklahoma is here to help. Hail and wind can cause serious damage and if left untreated it can have devastating outcomes.


What To Look For Damage On Your Roof

  • Missing pieces of asphalt or cracks in your shingles
  • Use your hand to feel your shingles for cracks and dimples, not all dimples are visible to spot by eye
  • If you find dimples in your shingles, use your finger to push on them to see if they offer any give. If they do, the shingle is compromised and should be replaced.
  • Search for small dents in metal flashing, valleys, and roof vents.
  • Look for the black substrate in your shingles. When the black substrate is visible this means the protective granules have been knocked off and the shingles will need to be replaced in order to be effective.


Blown off shingles in Oklahoma
Blown off shingles can expose your Oklahoma home to structural damage, mold, and mildew.

Damage On Your Gutters

  • Look for dented gutters, downspouts, leaf guard, and screens or toppers
  • Look for sagging or gapping gutters. The serious hail could have pulled the gutters away from your home
  • If you notice that your siding has stains on it, that is a sign your gutters are leaking onto the side of your home.


We use chalk to reveal and identify the hail size and damage caused to this LeafGuard® gutter system.

Ignoring Hail Damage: Further Issues Down The Road

Ignoring hail damage is a very dangerous game and can lead to many problems in your home. What could be a minor fix today could be a more serious fix tomorrow. With your roofing and siding acting as your home’s first line of defense from the elements when compromised, one of the biggest threats is moisture. Water can penetrate and cause mold, rot, and destruction on the inside of your home. The longer you wait, you increase the number of damaging problems.

Rainwater and moisture can seep into the smallest of cracks and holes in your roof that can result in costly water damage.

Your Local Storm Experts

LeafGuard® of Oklahoma is here to help you. As your local contractor, we have advanced damage assessment professionals that can provide an extensive and efficient assessment of your home. We are a full-service exterior remodeling company serving Oklahoma. Contact us for your free storm damage assessment.


Professional employees, make customer service our top priority.
We are proud to have served over thousands of happy Oklahomans with our maintenance-free LeafGuard® gutters. Our staff of hard-working and professional employees, make customer service our top priority.

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