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Understanding The Cost of LeafGuard® Gutters

11 February 2020

LeafGuard®: What’s It Going To Cost Me?

This is one of the first questions we get when talking with a customer. We understand that the price is very important in making a decision on your exterior home. We also understand that each home is different causing the price to vary. With that, there are steps we take before giving out a price to the customer. We offer a free estimate that is no cost and no obligation on each home. Our free estimates include more than just the price on LeafGuard® Gutters. At LeafGuard® Of Oklahoma, we care about you the homeowner. We evaluate the entire exterior of your Oklahoma home to make sure there are no other issues that we need to address to you about. We want to make sure LeafGuard® Gutters will work the best with your home. After evaluating the exterior part of your home, we will be able to give you an accurate quote on LeafGuard® Brand Gutters.


Home Solution Expert
At LeafGuard® of Oklahoma, we make a special trip out to your home to provide a free estimate.

Only LeafGuard® Dealer In Oklahoma

While you may hear other companies say they install LeafGuard®, that is in fact wrong. Other companies claim they have gutter guards or leaf guards but they are not LeafGuard® Brand Gutters. What makes LeafGuard® stand out from other gutter systems is that it is the only one-piece gutter system with a built-in hood that covers the bottom of the gutter and deflects leaves and other debris. LeafGuard® is built to last with the best warranties including:

  • Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee
  • Lifetime No-Clog Guarantee
  • ScratchGuard® Paint Finish
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Guaranteed Not To Chip, Peel, Or, Crack


LeafGuard® has a protective hood that helps drive water in.
LeafGuard® Brand Gutter’s unique, seamless design keeps debris from collecting in your gutters which: prevents clogs from forming; keeps water flowing freely; eliminates leaks and the threat of water damage; and makes climbing ladders to clean gutters unnecessary.

LeafGuard® Of Oklahoma Is Here To Help

At LeafGuard® of Oklahoma, we want the whole process of installing LeafGuard® Brand Gutters on your home to be smooth sailing for you. LeafGuard® Brand Gutters will provide you with a maintenance-free solution for life. We hope we cleared up any questions you may have regarding the cost of our guttering system. Any season is LeafGuard® season, contact us at LeafGuard® of Oklahoma to get your free gutter estimate and eliminate the annoyance of gutter maintenance today!


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Well-informed Oklahoma homeowners choose LeafGuard Brand guttering to safeguard their homes from clogged gutters caused by falling leaves and debris. They understand that climbing ladders to clean out their gutters is dangerous. They also respect the Good Housekeeping Seal and recognize that earning that seal means LeafGuard’s quality was rigorously tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute and was found to live up to their expectations of quality for the past 14 years running.

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