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Tips On Avoiding Storm Chaser Scams

30 March 2020

Watch Out For Storm-Chasers

Storm chasers are companies that complete home repairs and solicit business from homeowners after large storms occur. These contractors often exploit vulnerable homeowners with money-making scams that can end up costing them and their insurance companies. Some storm chaser scamming tactics include offering to pay your deductible, performing inefficient low quality work, and creating fake or inflated damage and prepayment. After a storm has hit and damaged your home the last thing you want to worry about is the reliability of your contractor. Here are some tips on how to prevent storm chaser scams.


Storm damage assessment after hail storm.
When hail hits, it can damage your roof, gutters, siding, windows, and the amount of damage can vary. After a large storm hits, it’s in your home’s best interest to have an assessment to prevent further damage from happening before the next storm hits.


How to Avoid Storm Chaser Scams

  • License Plates. If the contractor is out of state, they are most likely just in town temporarily to perform work from the aftermath of the storm. Most have no intention of sticking around to follow up with customers, help with maintenance and upkeep or fix any repairs.
  • Company’s Office. If the contractor only has a P.O. box, that’s a big red flag.
  • Licensing. Be sure to see the paperwork. When hiring a contractor you will want to make sure they have licensing to work in your state and that they are properly insured.
  • Written Contract. Including cost, time frame, and itemized list about the type of work agreed upon, get a written contract. Do not feel pressured to sign anything you have not looked over carefully or don’t feel comfortable with.
  • Avoid paying with cash, personal check or before the work is completed. Paying in cash has no paper trail and is very difficult to get back. A credit card would be a safer option than something linked directly to your personal account such as a personal check.

Hire a Safe & Trusted Contractor

  • Look Local. A great resource to use is the Better Business Bureau or local Chamber of Commerce. Businesses who take time to be a part of the community is often a good indicator of a local business. Another way to look local is too ask friends and family for recommendations.
  • Gather Estimates. Always get a few estimates from different contractors. Compare them, do your research, look at reviews, and ultimately decided what would be the best choice.

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Oklahoma BBB
There are many sources you can use to research home improvement contractors. The first place to start is the Better Business Bureau for accreditation and reviews.


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