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Time To Get Your Oklahoma Home Ready For Spring

04 March 2020

Spring Is Near

Sunshine, storms and warm weather are near. After being cooped up all winter long, it is time to get your Spring cleaning list started. Your Oklahoma home goes through a lot during the winter months and it is needed to make sure the interior and exterior part is ready for the Spring showers to come. We have compiled a list of maintenance tips to get your home ready for the Spring.



By February, everyone is sick of being cooped up indoors. One antidote for cabin fever is planning out backyard improvement projects, so you can enjoy that warm, springtime air. In addition to upgrading your gutters to LeafGuard’s top of the line, maintenance-free gutters, check out these ideas to make your backyard your favorite warm weather hang out.
Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about what home improvement project to start. When trying to decide what to do, check this maintenance list to see what is in need of an upgrade first.

7 Tips To Get Your Home Spring Ready

  1. Clean Your Gutters: Throughout the Winter months, the changing weather has an effect on your open style gutters. Make sure you get up on a ladder and clean the debris out of them otherwise it may cause damage to your home later down the road. Another option is to install LeafGuard® Brand Gutters: the #1 maintenance free solution to never having to clean out your gutters again.
  2. Inspect Your Roof: Your roof is the home’s first line of defense against water damage. Not inspecting or fixing spots on your roof that needs to be a maintenance, you can find yourself facing water damage inside your home when the spring showers hit.
  3. Clean or Replace HVAC Filters: A dirty filter forces your heat, ventilation and air condition system to work harder which in turn drains your wallet. It is recommended to clean your filters every 3-6 months.
  4. Clean and Repair Your Screens: A way to reduce your electric bill is to repair any sorts of holes in your window screens.
  5. Clean decks, driveways, fences, and other outside surfaces: Using a pressure washer will get all the gunk and debris that builds up over the winter months. While cleaning, inspect for damage.
  6. Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors: This is always good to check a few times a year.
  7. Check seals around windows and doors: Winter weather can crack and harden caulk and other weather seals. Inspect them and repair them as needed. This will reduce your air conditioning bill and prevent water from entering your home and causing damage.


LeafGuard® prevents clogs from forming and keeps water flowing freely.
LeafGuard® prevents clogs from forming and keeps water flowing freely.

LeafGuard® Of Oklahoma Is Always Here To Help

While getting your home ready for Spring, start thinking about your next home improvement project. Spring is the perfect time to get your gutters replaced with the #1 gutter system on the market: LeafGuard® Gutters. LeafGuard® will eliminate common maintenance tasks you have to do throughout the year. With a built-in hood cover, you will never have to climb up on a ladder or find gutter maintenance again. Call us today to set up a free estimate on our LeafGuard® Gutters.