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Storm Season: Prepare Your Oklahoma Home

25 May 2020

Storm Season Is Here

Spring/Summer in Oklahoma means severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail, and high winds. As a homeowner, any sort of storm can be your biggest nightmare. Preparing, going through it, and dealing with the aftermath can cause a lot of stress on you as a homeowner. Damages from storms can easily cost thousands of dollars to fix. There are always precautions and safety measures you can take to protect your Oklahoma property from storms, but where do you begin? No worries, LeafGuard® of Oklahoma is here to help you prepare for the wild storms to come this Spring and Summer.



Storm damage assessment after hail storm.
When hail hits, it can damage your roof, gutters, siding, and windows, and the amount of damage can vary. After a large storm hits, it is always in your home’s best interest to have an inspection to prevent further damage from happening.

Tips To Help You Survive Storm Season

  • Inspect Your Property’s Structure: Give the exterior part of your home an extensive check. Check your gutters, roof, siding, and structural part of your Oklahoma home. If you notice any sort of damages done, it is crucial to get it inspected before a storm hits. If you want a licensed and reliable contractor, LeafGuard® of Oklahoma is happy to come out and inspect your home.
  • Stock Up: Don’t wait right before a storm to head to the grocery store to get your necessities. Have an emergency kit filled with food, flashlights, first aid kits, and other necessities you may need during a severe storm.
  • Revisit Your Homeowner Insurance: It’s always important to revisit your insurance every year to see what is covered. If a storm does damage to your home, it is important to have insurance that will cover the damage done to your home. It is better to know ahead of time rather than after a storm when you are dealing with so much more.
  • Have A Plan: Come up with a plan to stay safe no matter where you may be when storms threaten. A good idea is to have a reinforced underground storm shelter, storm cellar, enclosed basement, or safe room. Underground shelters get you out of the way of flying and falling debris. If you are stuck outside and not close to your storm shelter some basic guidelines to follow are:
    • Get In: get as far inside a strong building as you can, away from doors and windows.
    • Get Down: get to the lowest floor.
    • Cover Up: use whatever you can to protect yourself from flying or falling debris. Use blankets, sleeping bags, mattresses; wearing some sort of helmet or hardhat will help protect your head from debris.

LeafGuard® of Oklahoma is here to provide you with the peace of mind home improvement project. Backed up by warranties and being an insured contractor, we are the ones you can trust.

LeafGuard® Of Oklahoma Is Here To Help

As always, LeafGuard® of Oklahoma is here to help you during the storm season. Our advanced storm damage assessment professionals can come out to your home to provide an extensive and efficient assessment of the damage done to the exterior part of your home. We are licensed, local, and ready to help. Call us today to get a free storm damage assessment!

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