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Storm Chaser Contractors: How To Deal With Them

03 August 2020

Beware Of Storm Chasing Contractors

Storm chasing contractors: companies that complete home repairs and solicit business from homeowners after large storms occur. As soon as hail or heavy winds hit an area, contractors from several states away enter the impacted areas into their GPS and start driving. A lot of risks can arise when working with these types of contractors which include incomplete work, work that doesn’t meet building codes, and have to retain the services of another contractor and attorney to get your home restored. After a storm hits and damaged your home, the last thing you want to worry about is the reliability of your contractor. Here are some signs that the contractor is a storm chaser.



Storm damage assessment after hail storm.
When hail hits, it can damage your roof, gutters, siding, and windows, and the amount of damage can vary. After a large storm hits, it is always in your home’s best interest to have an inspection to prevent further damage from happening.

6 Signs A Contractor Is A Storm Chaser

  • Their Address is a PO Box: This means there is no way to track a contractor down in a few years should there be any issues or need to reach out in any way.
  • Unable To Produce Local References: If the only names and phone numbers of homeowners a contractor can provide are from several states away, it is likely they are a storm chaser. Reputable contractors quickly book up and have many local references to share.
  • Offering To Pay Your Insurance Deductible: This is a fraud. An insurance policy is a legally binding contract between a homeowner and their insurance company.
  • Unable To Supply Documentation Of Being Licensed & Insured: If a worker is injured working on your property and the contractor they’re working for does not have insurance or lacks proper limits, the homeowner can become liable for their medical expenses and even lifetime disability. Overall without proper documentation, the homeowner can end up in a stressful situation.
  • No Builder’s License Number: A contractor’s license number shows they adhere to industry standards.
  • Out of State License Plates: If they have license plates from a state in a different time zone, it is a sure sign they are a storm chaser. Simply having attire with a construction company logo on it does not ensure they are local.



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What To Do If A Storm Chasing Contractor Approaches You

Storm chasing contractors take advantage of homeowners of the fact that homeowners with storm damage are anxious to get the work completed quickly. Homeowners have a year to file a claim after a storm so act in a calm and patient manner. If they perform an inspection and are not insured, the homeowner can be liable for their injuries. Do not allow them to inspect your home without providing that they are insured. Lastly, do not sign anything. Storm chasing contractors love to pressure high sales tactics. Signing a document allows them to commence work once your insurance company has approved it.


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Hire A Safe & Trusted Contractor: LeafGuard® of Oklahoma

A great resource to use is the Better Business Bureau or a local Chamber of Commerce. Businesses who take time to be a part of the community is often a good indicator of a local business. Before deciding on a company, always get at least three estimates. Compare them, do your research, look at reviews, and decide what would be the best choice. Here at LeafGuard® of Oklahoma, we have been in business with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for over 17 years. We have certified contractors on staff with a vast knowledge of how severe weather affects the different types of materials used on your home. Get a free storm damage assessment today and let us take some of the stress away from your storm damage!