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Spring Gutter Maintenance

04 March 2019

Spring is Around the Corner

We often focus heavily on fall gutter maintenance, but the truth is, spring gutter maintenance is just as important. Why are we conditioned this way? Falling leaves are hard to ignore. The site of overflowing leaves in your gutters is an eyesore and good indication that the gutters are unable to perform correctly. In the spring, visually it might not be as noticeable that you have clogs or maintenance is needed.


Spring rains in Oklahoma can lead to major issues if your gutters are left unchecked.
Spring rains in Oklahoma can lead to major issues if your gutters are left unchecked.


Maintenance is a Must

Spring means showers. Gutters are the first line of defense in directing water away from your home. Gutters protect your roof, siding, soffits, windows, foundation and more, that is why inspection and maintenance are so important. Before heavy rains begin to fall, inspect, clean, and check your gutter system for damage.

Remember, check the ENTIRE draining system. The downspouts play an equally important role in diverting rainwater quickly and safely away from your home. An easy way to check for clogs and clean the downspouts is, turn the water on and run a hose down from the top. If you notice water backing up into the gutter, you may have to take apart the downspout and find the cause of the clog.

If you don’t feel comfortable climbing a ladder to maintenance your gutters or if you have found that your gutters need a little more attention than just some spring cleaning, it is best to call a professional.


clog-free gutters
Are you fed up with climbing ladders? With LeafGuard®, your gutters are clog-free guaranteed.


Hiring a Contractor

If you are looking to hire a gutter contractor rather than attempting to fix on your own, rest easy knowing that LeafGuard® of Oklahoma will get the job done right the first time. We are a team of highly skilled professionals with a level of experience and expertise that comes with years of work, dedication, and ongoing training.


Professional employees, make customer service our top priority.
We are proud to have served thousands of happy Oklahoma customers with our maintenance-free LeafGuard® gutters. Our staff of hard-working and professional employees, make customer service our top priority.


Tired of seasonal maintenance and the worry that comes with it? LeafGuard® Brand Gutters provide you with peace of mind and a maintenance-free solution. Contact LeafGuard® of Oklahoma today for your free evaluation.

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