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Metal Roofing for Homeowners in Tulsa, OK & Surrounding Communities

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We’re proud to install long-lasting metal roofs that provide excellent value.


Metal Roofing Is an Excellent Choice for Your Home in the Tulsa, OK, Area

In order to meet the needs of all homeowners, LeafGuard® of Oklahoma offers a range of high-performance roofing options to choose from. For our customers in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area who want the most durable roofs available, we install metal roofing that requires virtually no maintenance and can last several times longer than asphalt roofing.

Reliable Protection

When it comes to protecting your home, it’s tough to beat metal roofing. We install metal roofs that are rated to resist fire, hail, and hurricane-strength winds so that your property is will be safeguarded through a wide range of extreme weather conditions.

Unbeatable Longevity

Known to have a service life of 50 years or more, metal roofing installed by LeafGuard® of Oklahoma will likely be the last roof you ever need to have installed. Our metal roofs will never rot, crack, break, or burn, and they require virtually no maintenance over the years. When you have a metal roof installed, you can essentially say goodbye to ever having to pay much thought to your roof again!

Contemporary Design

For many people, the clean, contemporary look of metal roofing is a major reason why they want to have it installed on their homes. LeafGuard® of Oklahoma offers many styles of standing seam roofs, as well as metal roofs coated with stone that emulate the timeless aesthetic of wood shake shingles. During the planning process, we can help you review these various metal roofing styles and colors and create a customized design that complements the unique character of your home.

Metal Roofing Tulsa OK

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Contact LeafGuard® of Oklahoma today to learn more about the benefits of our high-performance metal roofing. If you want, we can help you compare our metal roofs with the asphalt roofs that we install so you can get the information you need to feel confident you’re making the best choice for your Tulsa, OK, area home.

GAF Lifetime Roofing System

GAF’s lifetime roofing system consists of more than just shingles. For optimum performance, GAF roofing uses leak barriers, roof deck protection, starter strip shingles, asphalt shingles, ridge vents, and ridge cap shingles. These six high-performance components are designed to work together and protect the most vulnerable areas of your roof for years to come.


We are licensed Tulsa roofing experts, installing GAF's Roofing System. We provide Oklahoma homeowners with peace of mind, protects your greatest investment - your home.

1. Lifetime Asphalt Shingles

GAF offers you many great Lifetime Shingle choices, including Timberline® Shingles with Advanced Protection® Technology. They’re the #1-selling shingles in North America!

2. Cobra® Attic Ventilation

Helps remove excess heat and moisture from your attic that can raise your energy bills, cause premature peeling of interior paint and wallpaper, and even affect your health.

3. Ridge Cap Shingles

Enhances the beauty and value of your home—while guarding against leaks at the hips and ridges.

4. Leak Barrier

Provides exceptional protection against leaks caused by roof settling and extreme weather. Ideal upgrade at all vulnerable areas including at the eaves in the North.

5. Roof Deck Protection

Allows moisture to escape from your attic while providing an exceptionally strong layer of protection against wind-driven rain. Also, lays flatter for a better-looking roof.

6. Starter Strip Shingles

Saves time, eliminates waste, and reduces the risk of roof blow-off…and may even help qualify for upgraded wind warranty coverage.

GAF Ultra-Premium Collection

Our GAF Ultra-Premium Collection Lifetime Designer Shingles come in an array of opulent colors, allowing you to pick the perfect complement to your siding, window trim, soffit, and fascia. Our Oklahoma roofing experts are here to help you choose the color that will be the best fit for your home.


If you desire the look of wood shakes, but can’t fathom the price point or lifespan, turn to Glenwood® Shingles. They’re praised as the most authentic wood shake looking asphalt roof within today’s marketplace.



Upon the installation of Grand Canyon® Shingles, your guests and neighbors will undoubtedly compliment both the thickness and ruggedness of the shingles.

Grand Canyon® GAF asphalt shingles installed by LeafGuard of Oklahoma


Skillfully crafted, Camelot® Shingles are offered in artful design patterns. Enlarged tabs create an alluring effect that leave those that pass by no choice but to stop and take in the beauty of your home’s roof.

Camelot® GAF asphalt shingles installed by LeafGuard of Oklahoma


Timberline® Lifetime Shingles are named America’s #1 selling roof, and there are many reasons to take a serious look at these shingles when considering a new roof. They offer the perfect balance of elegance, performance, and steadfastness, all at an incredible value. Choosing to install Timberline HD® Shingles offers peace of mind of the line’s contrasting color palette, dimensional aesthetics, StainGuard® Protection, and ability for the shingles to hold up against winds up to 130 mph. Perfect for Oklahoma weather.

Timberline® Ultra HD asphalt shingles installed by LeafGuard of Oklahoma


Upon the installation of Grand Canyon® Shingles, your guests and neighbors will undoubtedly compliment both the thickness and ruggedness of the shingles.

Timberline® American Harvest® GAF asphalt shingles installed by LeafGuard of Oklahoma


Timberline® American Harvest® Shingles are crafted with contemporary colors to create a stylish architectural style at a reasonable price point.

Timberline® HD® GAF asphalt shingles installed by LeafGuard of Oklahoma


Showcasing GAF’s unique color lines and magnified shadow effect, homeowners who choose to install this roof appreciate its tribute to wood shakes without the maintenance. Our shingles alluring designs that allow your roof to be a point of pride within your Tulsa or Oklahoma City neighborhood.

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