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Nickolas’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project In Jenks, Oklahoma

Gutterless Home In Jenks, Oklahoma

Nickolas’s Jenks, Oklahoma home had the perfect curb appeal. His beautiful landscape, unique brick, and new roof made his home one of the best looking on the block. What was missing from that amazing curb appeal was a gutter system. Nickolas’s home was built without gutters risking potential damage to the roof, landscape, and siding. Instead of having open style gutters installed, Nickolas wanted a guttering system that would give him a maintenance-free and clog-free lifestyle.



Not having gutters installed on the home can increase the risk of damage being done to his landscape, siding, and foundation.




Gutters add an aesthetic appeal that would add to Nickolas’s curb appeal.

Enhancing The Curb Appeal With LeafGuard®

After going out to Nickolas’s Jenks, Oklahoma home, and explaining the great benefits of LeafGuard® Gutters; he was sold. LeafGuard® Gutters eliminate the risk of clogs, ensuring that rainwater can flow freely without gunky buildup blocking the way. This gutter system has a seamless construction that maximizes the aesthetic appeal of the gutters giving Nickolas a better curb appeal. Nickolas won’t have to worry about climbing up on a ladder, fishing the leaves and debris out, or ever replacing his gutters again for as long as he owns his home. Nickolas’s home is now fully safeguarded thanks to LeafGuard®.



After LeafGuard® Gutters were installed on to Nickolas’s Jenks, Oklahoma home.




His home is now protected from the severe weather Oklahoma tends to face.

Get Your Jenks, Oklahoma Home Safeguarded

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