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National Home Improvement Month

03 May 2019

Summer Home Remodeling Projects

May is National Home Improvement month! Thinking about remodeling your home’s exterior this summer? Have you been putting off updating old clogged gutters, or replacing that worn asphalt shingle roof? Spring is the perfect time to start planning these big summer home projects. LeafGuard® of Oklahoma offers custom LeafGuard® Brand Gutters and roofing solutions.

“Must Do” List

Below is our recommended “must do” list that homeowners should review every year. May is the perfect time to tackle these updates weather wise and economically efficient when replacing a roof or windows when such work will have the least impact on energy bills.

1. Roofing. Look for missing, broken or faded shingles. These can be signs that you may need a new roof. LeafGuard® of Oklahoma is recognized as a GAF Master Elite® contractor, a special designation earned by only 3 percent of all roofing companies in the world. We offer homeowners a variety of asphalt shingles, one of the most popular being GAF Timberline Ultra HD® asphalt shingles.


Blown off shingles in Oklahoma

Blown off shingles can expose your Oklahoma home to structural damage, mold, and mildew.


2. Siding. Pressure washing works well for most homes to remove dirt and algae but remember, never power-wash windows or window screens. While cleaning, check for changes in the exterior and be aware of any warping, storm damage or signs of insects.


Power washing siding

When you are power washing on wood or vinyl siding, set it at the lowest pressure setting. This will ensure it does not damage or remove paint from the siding.


3. Windows. If you noticed last winter that air was leaking in or out or condensation between the glass, it might be time to replace your windows.


4. Gutters. Gutters are often overlooked and underestimated in their importance. While inspecting check for clogs, proper sloping and drainage. If you notice any issues or if you need help, LeafGuard® of Oklahoma offers free exterior home inspections and can provide you with expert advice and a custom solution. For a maintenance-free solution choose LeafGuard® Brand Gutters. LeafGuard® gutters outperform other systems on the market, ensuring reliable, clog-free operation. Want to see how they would look on your home? Check out our home exterior design tool here!


Clogged gutters in spring in Oklahoma

Clear out any sticks or debris blocking your gutters and allow water to run freely and safely away from your Oklahoma home.


LeafGuard® of Oklahoma is a local, licensed and fully insured exterior home improvement contractor that is as committed to your Oklahoma home as much as you are.

What’s your next home improvement project? LeafGuard® of Oklahoma is here to help. Contact us today for a free estimate at 918-827-7900.