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How To Protect Yourself From Home Improvement Scams

13 April 2020

Home Improvement Season

With the warmer weather finally coming around, the home improvement season is in full swing. Spring and Summer is the best time to get those projects crossed off your list. It can be an overwhelming task to handle by yourself so searching for a contractor can help ease the stress. With so many contractors out there, it is hard to figure out which one can be reliable and certified. There are many home improvement contractors out there that are just in it to scam and take your money. LeafGuard® of Oklahoma is here to help you understand how to avoid home improvement scams.



LeafGuard® gutters offer peace of mind home improvement with the best gutter protection available.
Spring and Summer seasons are huge for home improvement projects! It is important to hire a reliable and certified contractor.

How To Avoid Home Improvement Scams

To protect yourself from scams is to know and recognize the signs that someone is trying to scam you. Here are some sign to keep an eye out for:

  • Lack of Credentials:
    • One of the biggest reasons you should never rush a home improvement project is because you need to make sure the contractor has a verifiable contractor’s license and insurance coverage. The insurance coverage should include coverage for liability insurance and workers’ compensation; which will cover accidental property damage and workplace injuries. Avoid contractors who can’t or won’t tell you that information.
  • Full Payment Upfront:
    • Contractors who ask for full payments before any products are delivered or installation is started is a huge red flag. A typical payment begins with a down payment after signing the contract, followed by one or two more payments after milestones. The final payment will be required after the project is completed.
  • Verbal Estimates:
    • A proper and legitimate contractor will never provide verbal estimates. You should expect to receive a written estimate shortly after your consultation, if not on the same day. They should not also provide you with an estimate before coming to your home. They should also give you plenty of time to ask questions and make revisions to it. If the contractor is pressuring you to sign right away, another big red flag.
  • No Reference or Online Feedback:
    • While some companies may not have a proper website to show off their reviews and projects completed, a legitimate business should at least be able to provide recent local references. Google is another place that will be able to show reviews on the company. A legitimate contractor should at the very least have a profile on the Better Business Bureau Website.


LeafGuard® of Oklahoma is here to provide you with the peace of mind home improvement project. Backed up by warranties and being an insured contractor, we are the ones you can trust.

LeafGuard® of Oklahoma: A Contractor You Can Trust

We are your leading provider for all your exterior home remodeling services throughout all of Oklahoma. With many years of service in Oklahoma, we are here to offer you gutter systems, roofing, and rain barrels. We are a fully licensed and insured contractor with an established track record of local references and projects completed. We take pride behind our work and we are here for any sorts of questions you may have about our remodeling services. Looking to start your spring/summer home improvement project? Call us today to get set up for a free estimate!