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Home Improvement Trends Shaping 2020

03 November 2020

2020: The Year Of Home Improvements

2020 has been the year of adding updates to the home. From interior to exterior, many trends are starting to shape the remodeling industry. Many homeowners are starting to shift their focus to renovation practices that will provide nice value and quality. Whether it is redoing the kitchen or building a completely new home, we have found trends that can inspire a nice appeal to many.


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Homeowners are starting to invest in their Oklahoma homes. DIY has been on the rise thanks to social media for help.

Renovation Trends of 2020

  1. Exterior Home Improvement Continues To Grow: Exterior home improvement projects tend to bring a higher return on investment. Not only are they great for providing protection and safety to the exterior home but it enhances the curb appeal on the home.
  2. DIY Home Improvement Is On The Rise: With more time at home, homeowners are feeling empowered to renovate and remodel their homes by themselves. With more help from YouTube and Pinterest, it has been easier to understand how to do a project.
  3. Money-Saving Home Improvements Are Rising: A lot of homeowners are focusing on home renovation projects that can help them save money. Whether it is investing in a new roof, insulation, or energy-efficient products; homeowners are seeking the projects that will help them put more money in their pockets.
  4. Painting Is Becoming Increasingly Popular: One of the cheapest ways to renovate a home, painting is the best to make the home look newer and protect it better.
  5. Smart Technology Is Dominating: Many homeowners are investing in installing smart technological gadgets to make their lives more comfortable. These products help reduce human efforts to accomplish tasks they would usually put on the back burner.



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