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Faulty Gutters Can Lead to Costly Damage

02 April 2019

Stay Ahead of Costly Water Damage

As you begin your spring gutter cleaning checklist in Oklahoma, take mental notes of your home and gutters. Document warning signs of water damage to stay ahead of any potential problems that may occur if your gutters clog. Trying to save a few dollars by investing in average gutters or a quick fix will not compare to the extensive and costly damage that water can have on your home.


Structural Damage

Without a properly functioning gutter system in place, there is nothing keeping rainwater away from your home’s cement slab to prevent shifting or cracking. Pooling water around the base of your home is just asking for expensive stressful issues, which can add up fast.


Rainwater is overshooting the gutters and pounding agains the ground below causing landscaping damage and could lead to foundation damage.
Rainwater is overshooting the gutters and pounding against the ground below causing landscape damage and could lead to other structural damage.


Damaged Landscaping

Your gutters are hurting your lawn. Landscaping takes time, effort, and money; three things you don’t want to be wasteful with. With clogged gutters, rainwater overflows with force, pounding against the ground damaging your garden or flower beds below.


Warped & Rotted Siding

Clogged gutters can cause overflowing rainwater to pour down the exterior wall of the home. When siding is continuously exposed to this environment, it can become damaged. Siding is designed to resist rainfall and splashing, it is not however waterproof. The damage can consist of deteriorating sheathing and wooden framing, saturate interior wallboard and cause mold to grow. We know what you’re thinking…and yes, that does sound expensive.


Continuous exposure to rainwater has caused the paint on the siding of this home to peel.
Continuous exposure to rainwater has caused the paint on the siding of this home to peel.


Rotted Roof Decking

Gutter health is vital to roof performance and lifespan. Clogged gutters can cause trapped rainwater to move upward back on to your roof where it finds tiny gaps and holes to infiltrate. If your roof decking is constantly exposed to this leakage, it will quicken decay and weaken your roof that can be a pricey replacement.


Overflowing rainwater is a major cause of damage to both the shingles and to the roof deck underneath.
Overflowing rainwater is a major cause of damage to both the shingles and to the roof deck underneath.


Make a Smart Investment

LeafGuard® Brand Gutters are the original and only one-piece gutter system, with a built-in hood that covers the gutter bottom and deflects leaves and other debris. These unique, seamless gutters keep debris from collecting in your gutters which:

  • Prevents clogs from forming
  • Keeps the water flowing freely
  • Eliminates leaks and the threat of water damage
  • Makes climbing ladders to clean gutters unnecessary

LeafGuard® Gutter’s patented design keeps rainwater running freely and safely away from your home – each and every time it rains.



Installation Process

On the day of gutter installation, our crew arrives in clearly marked uniforms and vehicles. The crew foreman will come to you and go over any questions you may have about your project. Our installation process then begins and is usually completed that same day. Once the installation process is completed, our goal is to clean up, remove, and dispose of all of your existing gutters and leave your home cleaner than when we started.


Oklahoma gutter installation
We are proud to have served over thousands of happy Oklahomans with our maintenance-free LeafGuard® gutters. Our staff of hard-working and professional employees, make customer service our top priority.


Your Oklahoma Home…Solved

With LeafGuard® of Oklahoma, your complete satisfaction is our most important goal. Our factory-trained and factory-certified team represents decades of experience and is passionate about providing homeowners with the best possible products and workmanship. As an established gutter company that is fully licensed and insured in Oklahoma, we are the company you can trust to provide you with the exterior remodeling solutions you require.

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