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Fall Season: Best Time To Replace Your Gutters

05 October 2020

Fall Into New Gutters

Your gutters protect your home from all sorts of damages. While they may not be one of the best looking parts to your home, they do keep it safe from all sorts of severe storms. But without properly working gutters, they aren’t able to provide the safety you need. While any time of the year is perfect for installing new gutters, the fall season is one of our top recommendations in getting a new gutter system.



Tassels that were dropping from the oak tree overhanging Reciel's Inola home were clogging and impeding water flow.
Tassels that were dropping from the oak tree overhanging Reciel’s Inola home were clogging and impeding water flow.

6 Reasons Why You Need New Gutters

  1. Prepare For Winter: Oklahoma may not experience winters like other states but the weather during the winter season can still take a toll on your gutters. If you notice your gutters are cracking, wearing down, or even broken in some areas; you will want to have them replaced.
  2. Minimize Landscape Erosion: Your landscape plays a crucial role in your home’s curb appeal. When your gutters become clogged with leaves and debris, water can’t channel correctly. With water building up at your landscape, it will ruin your plants and shrubs. It can also result in flooding in your basement.
  3. Prevent Rotting Fascia: Fascia gives your home’s trim a finished look. When your gutters don’t work as expected, excess water can fall onto the fascia causing it to break down and rot. Protecting the fascia boards helps prevent water from seeping into your home and keeps out pests and other rodents.
  4. Stop Peeling Paint: Damaged gutters can cause water to flow down the side of your home ruining the paint. The paint will start to peel and bubble if affected by water damage. Another sign is rust, such as orange flecks.
  5. Prevent Basement Flooding: The reason behind flooding may be due to your faulty gutter system. When gutters aren’t working properly, water can pour down the foundation and into your basement. Basement flooding can also cause structural damage to your foundation in which can cost up to thousands to repair.
  6. Ward Off Mold & Mildew: Mold and mildew growth on your home or foundation is often caused by poor water filtration. If your rain gutters are dripping water, the moisture is feeding fungi causing it to grow and spread. The only solution to this is a gutter replacement.


From top to bottom, the entire LeafGuard® gutter system is designed to ensure that rainwater is safely diverted away from your residence to protect your home’s foundation and landscaping from damage.

Get A Maintenance Free Solution Today

If you experience any sort of these issues on your Oklahoma home, then it is a sign to get your gutters replaced ASAP. Here at LeafGuard® of Oklahoma, we offer a maintenance-free solution: LeafGuard® Gutters. LeafGuard® Gutters are a one-piece gutter system that effectively channels the water while deflecting leaves and debris from getting clogged. LeafGuard® protects every ounce of the home from any sort of water damage and will never rust or deteriorate. This gutter system will last as long as you own your home. Invest in a gutter system that will protect your Oklahoma home and allow you to forget about gutter maintenance all together! Contact us today to get set up with a free estimate!