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Creative DIY Yard Decorations

17 May 2016

Decorate your yard with refreshing new DIY ideas.

As an Oklahoma home owner, you likely find new ideas refreshing each year when it comes to creative yard décor. It’s always nice to spruce up your property to give it more curb appeal. Here are some DIY yard decorations that you can easily achieve with things around the house. Making your yard more visually appealing has never been easier!

DIY yard decorations that you can easily achieve with things around the house to help make your yard more visually appealing.

Image via Uriah Welcome on Flickr

Bottle Border

If you’ve been collecting old glass bottles that have been sitting in your basement, now’s the time to pull them out. If you have a garden that needs edging, you don’t have to invest in expensive wood or crushed natural stone to form the border. Plant those bottles upside down into the soil to form a colorful bottle border for your garden. Check it out here.

Stacked Tires=Instant Planter

Everyone has old tires lying around taking up space in the backyard or shed. If you’ve got an artist’s touch and a green thumb, this project is for you. Start with flowers already planted in the ground or even a potted plant will do. Paint the tires in brilliant hues of yellows and blues, floral patterns, rainbows, and lady bugs, then let dry. Stack two together over the flowers so they stick through the middle. Now you’ve got yourself an instant repurposed planter.

Repurposed Walkway

If you have old wood pallets lying around, take them apart so they’re just individual boards. Lay them horizontally through a garden area for a rustic pallet walkway. Line with mulch and stones as well as flowers and shrubbery for an instant conversation starter. You can also repurpose wood pallets into table tops. Find table legs at a garage sale, attach the two together and you have a no-cost table for entertaining.

Picnic Basket Planter

This is a great accent for a farmer’s porch. Fill an old wicker picnic basket with your favorite blooms and sprigs of green and place it on a small wrought iron table in the corner for added charm and vintage appeal.

Wooden Spool Hose Organizer

Wooden spools, available in bulk at craft stores or individually at antique stores and rummage sales, make for a rustic addition to the front of your house. Mount three in a pattern of your choosing then drape your garden hose over them. The result is a natural looking addition to the surrounding décor yet a functional element of your garden.

Need more curb appeal DIY projects? Check out this HGTV video for inspiration.

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