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Common Window Installation Myths

19 December 2016

Don’t let window myths scare you.

While purchasing new windows is not the most glamorous of home improvement jobs, it’s probably one of the smartest. So, why don’t you have new windows? It’s probably due to the fact that you can think of more reasons NOT to make that window purchase, than reasons for it. And that’s partly due to the myriad of myths that are scaring you away. Here are seven common myths that shouldn’t.

Window installation is a relatively minor home improvement job and professionals are extremely skilled at replacing just the window.

Myth #1 – You cannot replace windows during the winter

One excuse that you shouldn’t use in not getting new windows, is that it’s too late. As in, “its December already, it’s getting cold and we’re better off waiting til spring when it’s nice out”. Nice try. Turns out the professionals are good. Real good. Most home window installation jobs are done in a day! Just one! Depending on the size of the window, each window opening is only truly open for 10 minutes each. Yes, your home might be chilly that day, but it’s well worth it.

Myth #2 – Windows don’t really have a big effect on home energy efficiency.

Most people will acknowledge that windows play a role in their home’s energy efficiency, but many don’t realize just how much.  According to many experts estimates, around 30% of your home’s energy is lost through your windows and doors.  A number that doesn’t seem all that high, but the costs add up.  A window upgrade will assuredly lessen your energy bill and improve the value of your home.

Myth #3 – Triple pane doesn’t perform any better than high quality dual pane.

This myth should simply be filed under the category of, DO. YOUR. RESEARCH. Depending on who is selling you your windows and when, knowing the different options out there is key.  Arguments could be made for purchasing a high quality dual pane window over a triple pane window, but it all boils down to what you are looking for.  Chances are, triple pane is going to be a much more energy efficient choice in the long run, but again, do your research.

Myth #4 – Lifetime warranty means you are covered for life

This might not be a reason why you haven’t made the decision to upgrade your windows, but make sure you’re on the looking once you start shopping.  Many window retailers will promise the moon in order to make the sale and they frequently throw around the words “lifetime warranty” a bit too loosely.  Make sure you are reading the fine print on this one as “lifetime” is never exactly what it seams.  Ask questions and provide your salesperson a scenario or two in order to see if they know their own guarantee.

Myth #5 – You can install them yourself

We live in a world where you can find the instructions for how to make and do most things online.  Watch a youtube video or two and we get the feeling like we can do anything.  Fix the plumbing, install a new backsplash or refinish an old dresser.  Installing your new windows is probably not one of them.  Window professionals are highly trained and have the one thing you do not.  Experience.  Plus, installing a window incorrectly defeats the purpose of upgrading.  A poor install job can lead to cracks and poorly sealed window frames.  Lets let the expert get this job done.

Myth #6 – You should replace all of your windows at the same time

This particular myth may be one reason most people shy away from upgrading their windows.  The task and toll it takes on your back account may seem daunting.  The truth is, you should take a close look at your current windows and pick the worst ones out and get an estimate for just those in the worst shape.

Myth #7 – Window installation is likely to harm or disturb the structure and look of your home.

A concern for many people, especially those with older homes is losing the charm that comes with their century-old woodwork surrounding their windows.  Fear not.  Window installation is a relatively minor home improvement job and professionals are extremely skilled at replacing just the window!  Many window stores will provide options for wood windows that will match what they are replacing.

In Oklahoma, it’s just as important to have strong, storm resistant windows just as it is to have good gutters. Both systems must be installed correctly and have high quality construction so they will last longer and protect your home. Please reach out to LeafGuard of Oklahoma if you have any questions about your home

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