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Choosing The Right Color For Gutters On Your Oklahoma Home

04 February 2020

Home Improvement Projects Can Be Stressful

Being a homeowner comes with a lot of home maintenance responsibilities. It is easy to ignore the exterior maintenance of your home and focus more on the interior side. But, neglecting the exterior maintenance can cause damage to your home further down the road. One exterior home maintenance that is important to many parts of your home is your gutters. Not only do your gutters provide support to heavy rainfalls Oklahoma faces but they provide an appealing look to your home as well. Making sure your gutters are in proper condition is key to a long-lasting life on your home. Needing to upgrade those gutters? Well, one of the key components of gutter shopping is the color. Picking the right gutter color on your home can go a long way.


LeafGuard® gutters offer peace of mind home improvement with the best gutter protection available.
LeafGuard® Gutters offer peace of mind home improvement with the best gutter protection available.

Options To Consider

Picking the color of the gutter for your home can be hard on knowing what will look good. With a reliable contractor, they can help with identifying what colors would go with your exterior home’s colors but if you want to take a look yourself think to

  • Copy the current color palette
    • Take a look at your roof, siding, trim, and other features on the exterior part of your home. Choosing a color that works well with the other color palettes on your home can make it look more unified.
  • Match them to your roof
    • It is always nice to appear as they are an extension of your roof other than standing out alone. Choose the closest match and enjoy the nice feature.
  • Look at shades similar to the trim on your home
    • Choosing a gutter color that matches the trim is an excellent way to draw more attention to your trim without having to paint it a different color.
  • Go Bold
    • If you want them to stand out, choose a color that contrasts with the rest of your exterior. Choose a color that goes well with but also clearly differs from other exterior features.

No matter what colors you like to put on your home. LeafGuard® Brand Gutters has a color option to match your home.

LeafGuard® Brand Gutters: Unlimited Color

Here at LeafGuard® of Oklahoma, we offer LeafGuard® Brand Gutters. They are a one-piece seamless gutter system that is maintenance-free, durable, and custom fit to your home’s needs. The great thing about LeafGuard® Gutters is that they come with a ScratchGuard® paint finish. It is guaranteed not to chip, peel, or crack keeping your color intact forever. With the variety of designer color options and the limited lifetime warranty, your gutter’s colors won’t fade. Contact us today for a free estimate on not only the best gutter system but also the sleek and shiny one too.


LeafGuard® and the Good Housekeeping Institute
LeafGuard® was evaluated for six weeks in the laboratory by the Good Housekeeping Institute to ensure that the LeafGuard® system met consumer expectations and performed as promised.

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Well-informed Oklahoma homeowners choose LeafGuard Brand guttering to safeguard their homes from clogged gutters caused by falling leaves and debris. They understand that climbing ladders to clean out their gutters is dangerous. They also respect the Good Housekeeping Seal and recognize that earning that seal means LeafGuard’s quality was rigorously tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute and was found to live up to their expectations of quality for the past 14 years running.

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