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Best Time To Install Gutters?

21 January 2020

Upgrading To a New Gutter System

With the change in Oklahoma weather, you may think when is the right time to install new gutters on my home. Well, depending on how severely damaged your gutters is the time to get them replaced could be right away. Gutter installation is year-round. No weather can stop LeafGuard® of Oklahoma to install new gutters but there are some key things to look for when knowing you need to replace your gutters.



Oklahoma owners should clean out their gutters twice a year to ensure that no damage is being done to your home.

Signs You Need To Replace Your Gutters

Your open style gutters tend to wear out over time. Instead of searching for repairs, it could be easier to get new ones installed on your home. Unsure how to tell what may be a sign it’s time for gutter replacements, well here are a few helpful signs:

  • Cracks, holes, or rust spots
  • Separated gutters
  • Pulling away from the roof
  • Sagging gutters
  • Peeling exterior paint

A lot of Oklahoma homes are surrounded by beautiful large trees but can be a pain with falling into your open style gutters. An easy solution to this problem is LeafGuard® Brand Gutters.

Gutter Season Is Any Season

Gutters can be installed at any time of the year, but depending on how long you wait to get them installed, the changing weather can have an effect on them. Here are some things to look out for during each season:

  • Fall
    • Without having top quality gutters, falling leaves and debris can cause blockages, not allowing water to drain through the gutters. Making sure you have clean and a reliable gutter system is key for the Fall season.
  • Winter
    • With the unsure of how much snow or ice Oklahoma may see in the Winter season, it is crucial to have the best gutter system installed. Ice can create dams where it blocks the water flow and clogs the gutters. It is crucial to get gutter installed before this season as it can cause serious damage to your home further down the road.
  • Spring
    • Spring is the perfect time to get gutters installed on your home. The weather is perfect and it is important to get them installed before the spring rainstorms come.
  • Summer
    • This season is another perfect time to get gutters installed. Not only do you experience the summer storms but mosquitoes love to hang out in clogged gutters. Without taking care of installing new gutters, they can become clogged and cause further damage down the road.

With the changing weather, it can be hard to stay on top of making sure your gutters are properly working. LeafGuard® Gutters are designed to ensure that rainwater is safely diverted away from your Oklahoma home to protect the foundation and landscape from damage.

Don’t Mess Around, Install LeafGuard®

Don’t waste time with open style gutters and get LeafGuard® Brand Gutters installed today. With the #1 seamless gutter system, your Oklahoma home will be safeguarded from all of the weather Oklahoma witnesses. With LeafGuard® Gutters, you get an all in one gutter solution. With a top cover connected to the actual gutter, you won’t have to worry about any pieces breaking off down the road. LeafGuard® is the perfect lifetime solution.


LeafGuard® Gutters
LeafGuard® Brand Gutter’s unique, seamless design keeps debris from collecting in your gutters which: prevents clogs from forming; keeps water flowing freely; eliminates leaks and the threat of water damage; and makes climbing ladders to clean gutters unnecessary.

LeafGuard® Of Oklahoma is Here To Help

Reach out to us today for a free estimate on the best gutter system on the market. LeafGuard® of Oklahoma is here to provide you with the best and maintenance-free exterior home improvement solutions.


LeafGuard® of Oklahoma provides Oklahoma homeowners with a maintenance-free easy solution with the LeafGuard® Brand Gutters.

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Well-informed Oklahoma homeowners choose LeafGuard Brand guttering to safeguard their homes from clogged gutters caused by falling leaves and debris. They understand that climbing ladders to clean out their gutters is dangerous. They also respect the Good Housekeeping Seal and recognize that earning that seal means LeafGuard’s quality was rigorously tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute and was found to live up to their expectations of quality for the past 14 years running.

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