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A Tree’s Impact on Your Oklahoma Home

14 November 2019

The Impact of A Tree on Your Oklahoma Property

The trees surrounding your home gives off the perfect shade and eye appeal. But with each season, it goes through many different processes that can have an impact on your Oklahoma home. From the first bloom to the changing of colors, the trees go through a very interesting transformation. As it is interesting to learn about the transformation, it is important to understand how it affects your home.

Rain water spilling over the gutter system due to getting clogged with dirt, leaves and other debris.

Spring Into Sunshine

Spring season is like a fresh breath of the new air. The temperatures start to become warmer, the days start to feel longer, and the trees start to bud for blooming. It’s the perfect time to get out into the sunshine after being cooped up all winter long.

Spring is a busy season for trees. After losing their leaves during Winter, they begin to grow and reproduce new leaves. The trees drop leaves, seeds, and other organic material on the ground. The debris from your trees builds up and clogs your open style gutter. As mosquitoes and insects like to live in the shaded trees, when the open style gutters become clogged with the leaves and seed, it can cause a problem with them living out of them.

Ordinary open-style guttering naturally collects, leaves, acorns, twigs, and debris, which can become clogged.

Summer Storm

With temperatures becoming hot and humid, we use our trees to shade areas to keep cool from the hot sun. Trees are mainly in full bloom with the leaves hanging off branches. With trees being in full bloom, the growth of a tree slows down. All of the buds containing next year’s leaves are mainly set by mid-summer.


Open guttering can clog with leaves, twigs and other debris. This home suffered damage which caused rot to develop around the eaves and soffit, eventually pulling the guttering off of the home.

Leaves Fall, Gutters Clog

As the days grow shorter and cooler air rolls in, the color of Oklahoma’s trees change from bright green to the brilliant fall shades of orange, yellow, red, and brown. The tree starts to prepare for survival mode with the leaves falling off the trees to prepare themselves for the Winter months to come.


Regular guttering maintenance is required when trees are near your Oklahoma property. Seeds and leaves can clog your gutters, which can lead to costly repairs.

Winter Ready Your Home

For the trees to survive through Winter, they need to get rid of all their leaves. While we like to hibernate in our homes through the cold months, the trees go through their own hibernation called Dormancy. They begin this process in the Fall with trees losing their leaves. They need to get rid of the leaves so they can survive. While in Spring and Summer, the tree loses a lot of water during photosynthesis. So when Winter comes around, they are no longer able to get enough water to replace it.


Over time, your clogged open-style guttering can pull away from your home. Allowing the winter ice and rain to enter your home.

Save The Hassle, Install LeafGuard® Gutters

Instead of constantly worrying about if your open style gutters are ready for whatever the tree throws on your home, install LeafGuard® Brand Gutters. It is the one-piece patented system that allows water to flow freely while making sure leave and debris stays out. LeafGuard® Gutters eliminates any possibility of your gutters leaking and causing costly water damage. It is a maintenance-free solution forever.

LeafGuard® and the Good Housekeeping Institute
LeafGuard® Guttering is made from aluminum that is 20% thicker than standard gutters, and it features 3” X 4” downspouts that are 30% larger than standard gutter downspouts and can carry more water away from your home. LeafGuard® is attached with screws to the fascia board of your home, with hidden, non-corrosive hangers, spaced only two-feet apart for added strength and durability.

LeafGuard Of Oklahoma Is Here to Help

Here at LeafGuard® of Oklahoma, we are more than happy to help you with providing the best gutter system on the market. Life tends to happen and home maintenance can fall to the bottom of your priorities. No matter what season it is, LeafGuard® Gutters will be the best solution for your Oklahoma home. We will come out and do all the work so you can sit back and enjoy life without stress. Contact us at (918)-827-7900 for your free estimate!

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Well-informed Oklahoma homeowners choose LeafGuard Brand guttering to safeguard their homes from clogged gutters caused by falling leaves and debris. They understand that climbing ladders to clean out their gutters is dangerous. They also respect the Good Housekeeping Seal and recognize that earning that seal means LeafGuard’s quality was rigorously tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute and was found to live up to their expectations of quality for the past 14 years running.

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