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4 Tips on Choosing the Right Contractor After Storm Damage

28 May 2019

Seek a Professional You Can Trust

When a storm strikes your property, it can be overwhelming. Not only must you worry about repairing the damages, but you have to worry about insurance, keeping your home safe during the process, and your finances. If your home in Oklahoma has suffered storm damage, it’s vital to work with a professional you can trust. The last thing you need to worry about is getting scammed by an unreliable contractor looking to take advantage of an already vulnerable situation.


Home Solution Expert
At LeafGuard® of Oklahoma, we put our customers first. With over 20 years of experience in the home improvement industry, we are trained, certified experts you can trust.


4 Tips on Choosing the Right Contractor

  1. Use Your Resources. There are many things you can do to help narrow down the initial list of who to call. The first place to start is the Better Business Bureau for accreditation and reviews; then look to your local Chamber of Commerce. We suggest looking local first.
  2. Initial Communication. Any good contractor will have no problem offering a little extra information to help gain the trust of a potential customer. During the initial phone call, ask for a copy of their license and insurance to make sure that they are in good standing and their certifications are all valid. It’s equally important to ask for references – both past customers and vendors.
  3. Get an Estimate. Make sure that everything is itemized, and the scope of work is clearly defined. Pay attention to the communication and response time throughout the entire process of these initial conversations.
  4. Get It in Writing. It is very important to get everything in writing. Once you’ve chosen which contractor you want to use, ask for a written contract. Included should be the full cost of the work, the payment structure indicating when payment is due, and a timeline of when to expect the project to be completed.


Worry-Free Home Improvement

Choosing the right contractor for the job can be a tedious process, but it will be less stressful if you choose a reputable company that you can trust. LeafGuard® of Oklahoma has 20+ years of remodeling experience and have served thousands of happy Oklahomans with our maintenance-free home improvement products. We stand behind the quality of our materials, our labor and our warranties, which sets us apart.


LeafGuard® of Oklahoma installing a new roof.
We are committed to providing excellent customer service, quality workmanship and a product that will last a lifetime.


At LeafGuard® of Oklahoma, we make the process of restoring your home as stress-free as possible. From the initial roof inspection to the final touches, we will take care of everything.

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