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4 Costly Damages Caused by Poorly Functioning Gutters

16 November 2018

Underperforming Gutters can Cause Serious Damage

When you compare the damage caused by poorly functioning gutters to the price of LeafGuard® Brand Gutters, the cost is relatively cheap. Listed below are the 4 most expensive damages caused by underperforming gutter systems.


Foundation Damage

Clogged gutters can cause rainwater to overflow and pool on the ground below next to your foundation. When your home does not have a fully functioning gutter system, the continuous pooling of water can cause soil erosion, cracks in the foundation, walls and baseboards and sagging floors. According to Angie’s list, foundation repair can cost anywhere from $250 to $12,000.


Soil erosion and pooling water around your foundation from poorly functioning gutters will weaken it, eventually causing foundation cracks or a shifting or settling foundation.
Soil erosion and pooling water around your foundation from poorly functioning gutters will weaken it, eventually causing foundation cracks or a shifting or settling foundation.


Siding Damage

Your gutters move a lot of water. An inch of rainfall on a typical 1,000 sq. ft. roof sends over 600 gallons of water into your gutters and downspouts. If that rainwater has no where to drain, it can spill over or behind the gutter and down the exterior wall of your home damaging and or warping the siding, eventually leading to mold growth. Depending on the type of siding, replacement can cost anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. 


Pictured is mold growing on the siding of a home due to continuous exposure to overflowing rainwater from the gutters.


Roof Damage

Your roof is the first line of defense in protecting your home and one of they key players in helping protect it is your gutters. A functioning gutter systems job is to capture water from your roof and safely direct it away from your home. When your gutters are clogged and cannot drain properly water can overflow and pool back onto the roof. Over time this puts your roof at risk for leaks, cracks, roof sags and shingle damage which can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars in repair cost.


If your gutters are clogged, rainwater can pool back onto the roof. This puts your roof at risk for leaks that can result in costly water damage.



One of the largest health risks is climbing dangerous ladders to clean out clogged gutters. Every year more than 500,000 people are treated for ladder-related injuries and a trip to the emergency room can cost anywhere from $150-$3,000.


Climbing ladders to clean out your gutters can be a dangerous task.


Eliminate Expensive Damages with LeafGuard®

Eliminate expensive damages and avoid putting your health at risk with LeafGuard® Brand Gutters. LeafGuard® is the only original and one-piece gutter system, with a built-in hood that covers the gutter bottom and deflects leaves and other debris. The seamless design keeps debris from collecting in your gutters which:


  • Prevents clogs from forming;
  • Keeps water flowing freely;
  • Eliminates leaks and the threat of water damage; and
  • Makes climbing ladders to clean gutters unnecessary.


Contact LeafGuard® of Oklahoma to get your free LeafGuard® Gutter estimate today.

Patented Debris Shedding One-Piece Gutter System

Imagine a spring and a fall where you are able to stay off the ladder and not worry about cleaning your gutters. . .  Being able to enjoy your spring blooms and your fall bonfire without the stress of seasonal gutter maintenance would be amazing, wouldn’t it?

LeafGuard® is the only gutter cover system that can claim to have a patented, one-piece, seamless gutter system.  Its built-in hood allows water to flow freely while eliminating clogs by deflecting debris such as leaves, pine needles and small branches from nearby trees. We are so confident in our rain gutters that we offer a “No-Clog Guarantee” for as long as you own your home. If your gutters ever clog, we will clean them for FREE!

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