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#1 Guide To LeafGuard® Gutter Buying

25 September 2019

The Importance of Gutters

Gutters are very important to maintain on your home. Being a homeowner, it is important to always make sure they are in the greatest condition but sometimes that can be hard to keep up with leaves and debris falling into the gutters; as well as rain not properly channeling through the gutter. These issues can cause homeowners stress and the need to find a solution for gutter repairs. Investing in a gutter system is very smart but it is very crucial to choose a reliable, high quality and experienced company. There are many gutter systems on the market today with some being great while others out to make money. It can be overwhelming on what gutter systems may work for your home with so many different options to choose from but it is a simple and the right solution to go with LeafGuard® Brand Gutters. They are the most reliable and trusted company who also are the only ones who sell a one-piece system.


With so many gutter protection options on the market. Many are more prone to becoming clogged with leaves and debris, requiring annual cleanings. Getting a seamless, one-piece gutter + protection system, like LeafGuard® can eliminate the maintenance a homeowner has to do.

Five Inch vs. Six Inch Gutters

Buying a gutter system comes with a lot of options to choose from. One of the biggest choices is the size of the gutter system that you may want on your home. There are two common sizes: five and six inches. Five-inch gutters hold significantly less water than six-inch gutters. That can quickly turn into your gutters overflowing and becoming clogged. Instead of the gutter clearing the water, it may be pushed back towards your home and start to cause issues with the foundation, lawn, and siding.

Six-inch gutters allow more water to be collected so less overflowing can tend to happen. They protect the foundation, siding, and fascia boards because they help in pushing the water away from the home. LeafGuard® of Oklahoma’s LeafGuard® Brand Gutters is a six-inch gutter that provides control of the water flow. They are installed with an oversized downspout which provides better benefits to the home. LeafGuard® Gutters will improve the appearance of the home while cutting out the extra cleaning the homeowner has to do.

LeafGuard® and the Good Housekeeping Institute
LeafGuard® was evaluated for six weeks in the laboratory by the Good Housekeeping Institute to ensure that the LeafGuard® system met consumer expectations and performed as promised.


One-Piece Gutters Are The Right Choice

The one-piece gutter system: LeafGuard® Brand Gutters include the gutter and the covering all in one. Other companies who install gutters systems have an attachment that hooks on to the existing gutter already in place on the home. A lot of problems can occur within attachments being added on to gutters already installed causing more issues for the homeowner.  The extra pieces can break off more easily which interferes with the gutter system being able to properly do its job. The LeafGuard® Brand Gutters are seamless which means they don’t have a lot of parts that often come loose or get damaged as sectional gutters do. LeafGuard® one-piece gutters attach to the fascia board and include a protective baffle which eliminates the debris entering the gutters. A one-piece gutter system is of higher quality and does the best job overall.


The one-piece gutter system ensures that no leaves or debris will get clogged inside the gutter.

Gutter Repair No More, LeafGuard Seamless Gutters Is The Solution

Whether you want to call it leaf guard or LeafGuard®, we are the best option. We are the only company that offers a one-piece gutter system. LeafGuard® ensures the rainwater is safely diverted away from your residence to protect the home and landscape. The built-in protective hood deflects the leaves and other debris while it pulls the rainwater down into the gutter bottom and downspout. LeafGuard® eliminates clogs and build-up giving the homeowner a maintenance-free solution. You will never have to worry about the gutters fading or needing to be replaced while you own your home.


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