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LeafGuard Gutters from LeafGuard of Oklahoma

Why do smart homeowners prefer LeafGuard Gutters? Because they work! LeafGuard is the patented one-piece seamless gutter system guaranteed never to clog or we clean them for free.

Each LeafGuard system is roll-formed into its patented one-piece design on site from a single piece of heavy-gauge aluminum that is 20% thicker than all other gutters. The seamless design ensures that water will flow freely in and keep unwanted rooftop debris out.

Watch the LeafGuard system in action in the video below:

How LeafGuard Works

See how the LeafGuard gutter system works.

At LeafGuard of Oklahoma, we offer a comprehensive “No Clog Warranty.” This guarantees that if your gutters ever clog, we will clean them for FREE – for as long as you own your home!

Why are Gutters Important?

Gutters are crucial to prolonging the structural integrity of your home.

Gutters serve two main purposes:

  1. Ensuring that water does not collect on your roof, and
  2. Properly diverting water away from your house

These are important roles for protecting your foundation, siding, windows, landscaping, soffit and fascia.

Over time, the continuous flow of water will carve into anything in its path – up to and including your foundation!

A gutter that is clogged with leaves, dirt, needles or other debris tends to mimic the behavior of a gutter-less home. Improper draining and water overflow may happen.

A home equipped with gutters from LeafGuard is guaranteed to have years of maintenance-free, clog-free service.

Why do Traditional Gutters Fail?

Gutters traditionally fail for 4 main reasons:

  1. They are not sloped properly – This allows water to pool and eventually the gutters may pull away from the home
  2. The gutters are clogged – Leaves, needles and branches can easily clog a traditional gutter system, causing it to backup or overflow.
  3. The gutters leak – Gutters composed of multiple pieces of sheet metal can develop leaks in the seams.
  4. They pull away from the fascia – If not properly installed, a gutter may pull away from the fascia causing serious damage to your home.

LeafGuard gutters are designed to prevent failure

All LeafGuard gutters are custom molded on site from one piece of aluminum that is 20% stronger than all other gutter systems. Our certified professional installers attach the internal fasteners directly to the fascia board of the home at the proper slope – ensuring that the integrity of the roof is never compromised.

LeafGuard gutters are backed by a lifetime “No Clog Warranty” meaning that if there ever happens to be a clog, we will come out to your home and promptly fix the issue.

The patented and seamless one-piece design ensures that a LeafGuard gutter will never leak.

How Can You Tell if Your Gutters are Failing?

A working gutter system is an essential part of the long-term maintenance of your home. If your gutters are failing, you should replace or repair them immediately to prevent serious damage to your home.

Typically, you can see the warning signs of a failing gutter system. If your wood, soffit or fascia are rotting, you may have failing gutters.

Another good indication of failing gutters is the presence of an indent or wear in the dirt or concrete underneath where the gutters are or should be. On multi-level homes where there are gutters above roof segments, the presence of wear to the shingles directly below the gutters is a good indicator of failure.

In more severe cases, there may be damage to your homes foundation. This damage may include staining, cracks or crumbling of the brick around the home.

Additionally, the presence of termites usually is a sign of a high moisture content. This can be an indication that water is not being properly displaced from your home due to your gutters not working properly.

How Can You Prevent Gutter Clogs?

Let’s face it, you can’t prevent leaves from falling or branches from breaking – preventing gutter clogs is no easy task. That’s why we created our innovative and patented LeafGuard gutter system.

Leaves, pine needles and other debris can end up in traditional gutter systems. They block the water flow and clog the gutter.

Over-the-counter “solutions” such as screens and other gutter covers regularly fail and become clogged themselves. Improper installation can lead to even more serious problems with your roof or siding. It is simply not possible to prevent clogs with traditional gutter systems.

The LeafGuard gutter system by Englert is the only 100% certain and worry-free way to prevent clogs.

The benefits of installing a one-piece LeafGuard gutter system include:

  • Never having to worry about or clean your rain gutters again
  • Durable, seamless, custom fit design
  • Professional installation that will not harm your roof or siding
  • The industry’s strongest gutter – 20% thicker aluminum than all other gutters
  • The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval
  • Maintenance-free and clog-free gutters for life – Guaranteed!

At LeafGuard of Oklahoma, we are a certified Englert LeafGuard gutters dealer. We proudly serve Tulsa and the surrounding areas with installation and service for Good Housekeeping’s only approved gutter system.

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LeafGuard Design Studio

To use the LeafGuard Design Studio, select the home style that most closely matches yours. Use the tabs to select gutter, trim, roof and siding colors. Then use the magnigying feature to “zoom in” to a particular area.

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Wish you could skip the tedious chore of cleaning your gutters? With LeafGuard, we guarantee that if your gutter ever clogs, we’ll come out and clean them for free.

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